Thursday, March 8, 2012

Low Potassium Diet: Healthy Eating Plan for People with Kidney Disease

Most of the people nowadays are very much dependent on easy-to-prepare foods. So, it is no longer surprising if the prevalence of chronic illnesses just like kidney disease keep on rising. And since March 8 is World Kidney Day, I decided to feature here some low potassium foods for people with kidney problems.

Although potassium is the perfect mineral that helps keep the blood levels in a healthy range, excessive intake of it could also cause major kidney damage. This is the reason why the a low potassium diet (less than 100 mg per serving) is among the best healthy eating plans for people with kidney disease because the said organ can no longer remove the excess potassium in the urine.
Good Sources of Low Potassium Diet:
One-half cup of mandarin oranges (98 mg)
Ten small grapes (93 mg)
One-half cup of sweetened applesauce (78 mg)
One-half cup of fresh blueberries (63 mg)
One-half cup of red bell pepper (88 mg)
One-half cup of green cabbage (60mg)
One-half cup of boiled cauliflower (88 mg)
One clove of garlic (12 mg)
One-half cup of raspberries (93 mg)
One tablespoon of olive oil (less than 1 mg)
One-half cup of cucumber slices (88 mg)
One cup of iceberg lettuce (87 mg)
Once-half cup of frozen green beans (85 mg) 

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